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Graceful Gazpacho

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We created this refreshing and vibrant soup yearning for - summer, sunshine, the country that brought Europe tomatoes, and the continent they originate from. (Spain and South America in case you didn't know)

This is a seasonal soup that we create when tomatoes are at their best here in the UK.  Using only English vegetables, we maintain the best flavour while maintaining our philosophy of sustainable production and seasonal eating.  We take the time to de-skin and de-seed the tomatoes to bring your even more silky texture with the added nutritional benefit.

The verdant peppers and cucumber combine with the sweetness of the summer bell peppers and acidity and uniqueness of Spanish sherry vinegar, while the extra virgin olive oil and soaked organic raw almonds transform the soup into a smooth silky delight.

Serve chilled on its own with a drizzle of olive oil, or garnish with all or any of the following toppings (chopped into small pieces) - cucumber, red and green pepper, shallot, hard-boiled egg.  We love it with some fresh crusty bread as well.  A well abundant meal for one, or a perfect starter for two people.

In alignment with the Slow Food movement, we were once told a story about the concept of a Zorba the Greek' diet.  Zorba the Greek ate in plentitude whatever was in season, until he was full to the seams.  As the days, months and seasons passed, he feasted in abundance and celebration through the cornucopia of Earth's natural world, never turning back, never going forward.  Simply being present to the magic right in front of him.   So when the season came around again the next year, the excitement, reverence and celebration for each and every single thing that Earth offered was new and there was yearning to hold, to taste, to transform, to feast - again.

This desire, this magic, is a part of Kensal Provisions through and through.   We hope that you can taste and feel it too, eating with the seasons and connecting to a process, an awareness, as ancient as Humanity itself.

Ingredients: tomatoes, summer bell peppers, cucumber, garlic, sherry vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, Spanish organic raw almonds


Please email us or get in touch on Instagram to find out about delivery options and/or where to find us at markets and in stores. 



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