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Our oil is a homage to the Spice Route or Silk Road that humans have been using for centuries to transport and trade the fragrant edible riches of planet Earth.


Made with Yorkshire single-source cold-pressed extra virgin Rapeseed oil and a curated blend of organic spice seeds and powders, English garlic, raw English honey, warmth of chili flakes, and himalayan rock salt to balance the flavours.

It can be drizzled on almost anything.  Use this oil towards the end of cooking as you do not want to burn the spices.  So, no more than 5 min on the hob or in the oven.  Drizzle it on veggies in the last 5 minutes of roasting.   If you are grilling fish, put on 2 min before it’s done.  We have yet to find a savoury dish that this oil will not enhance.  Eggs, roasted vegetables, potatoes, fish, hummus, tofu, stews, curries, ramens, dumplings, ravioli, perogi… the possibilities are endless!

Many Western diets under-utilize the diversity and benefits of spice.  We created this oil as a way for you to consume a variety of spices, all in one spoon!  We urge you to look up the benefits of the spices and seeds we use.


cold-pressed e.v. english rapeseed oil, garlic, black and natural sesame seeds*, black and yellow mustard seeds*, coriander seeds*, cumin seeds*, spice mix, chili flakes, paprika*, raw English honey, Himalayan salt 

(* Organic)  (allergens in bold)


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