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Brew some Resilience.

We created this tea as a holistic and functional addition to a daily
nourishment lifestyle. A potent organic herbal and berry infusion to offer supportive vitamins and anti-oxidants fight inflammation, nurture the body and calm the mind.


Curated to help get you through the cold winter months or when you are feeling run-down and unbalanced using the power of Nature's apothecary.

Conceived for those with busy, stressed lifestyles, or those who need help winding down and immune support. 



biodynamic yarrow*,  peppermint*, hawthorn berry*, calendula*, rose hip*, elderberry*, blackberry leaf (*organic)

Tasting notes: earthy, sweet, nutty, berries
Tea Liquor: Amber

This tea has a long brew because the herbs and berries need time to infuse and release their benefit.  Please steep this tea for a minimum of 10min.  Add honey as desired.  A second brew is possible.

110g in a glass jar