Winter Restorative

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Brew some Resilience.

We have curated this herbal infusion to help you get through the cold and dreary winter months or simply when your body is feeling cold, damp and run-down.  It is a serious herbal infusion and is full of wonderful Nature.

Biodynamic yarrow, peppermint, blackberry leaves, hawthorn berries, calendula, rose hips and elderberries make this a must-have for those cold nights when we just need a boost to help us through. 

This tea has a long brew because the herbs and berries need time to infuse and release their benefit.  Please steep this tea for a minimum of 15min.  Add honey as desired.  A second brew is possible.

Tasting notes:  earthy, sweet, nutty, berries

Tea Liquor:  Amber

100g in a glass jar


biodynamic yarrow*, blackberry leaf, peppermint*, hawthorn berry*, calendula*, rose hip*, elderberry*

(* Organic)