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Our versatile Mexican sauce is a staple to help fine-tune that fiesta, and make you feel like you teleported (at least your taste buds) to Mexico.   Use our sauce on eggs, in a breakfast burrito, poured on nachos, or over rice and beans, or as the sauce in enchiladas with any filling you like.  

We don't use any thickeners such as wheat or corn for our sauce.  We take 4 varieties of Mexican dried chilis, char them and then rehydrate them overnight.  We then blend them into a thick paste that becomes the foundation of our Abuela's Super Sauce.


Spices are down-right good for you!   Explore the ‘5 healing spices’, and the science of spice, discovering the special symbiotic relationship that humans and spices have. 


dried Mexican chilis, tomatoes, onion, peppers, cilantro, tomato paste*, cumin*, garlic, Mexican oregano, coriander*, cinnamon*, apple cider vinegar*, black pepper*, himalayan salt, raw English honey, cold-pressed English rapeseed oil, filtered water

(* Organic)


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