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Yuletime Tea

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We are excited to share this limited seasonal release herbal holiday infusion, which is a curation of organic red rooibos tea, spices, blackberry leaves, cocoa nibs and berries that invoke winter memories and bring you warmth.

'Yuletime' comes from the name of a 12-day festival starting at the Winter Solstice that has been celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere for millennia, and traces back to Germanic, Norse and Druid peoples.  Examples of traditions we still hold dear are carolling, wassailing the trees, burning the yule log, decorating the yule tree, exchanging gifts, and kissing under the mistletoe.

This time of year has been revered and celebrated around the world through human history.  Steep in the celebration of Light and Love this holiday season!

Brew this tea between 9-12 minutes, using 15g (2 teaspoons) per litre of water.

Tasting notes:  earthy, spicy, fire, nutty, sweet, citrus

Tea Liquor:  amber

500ml net weight


red rooibos*, blackberry leaves, cocoa nibs*, cloves*, cinnamon*, star anise*, hawthorn berries*, rose hips*, dehydrated un-waxed lemon and orange*

(* Organic)

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