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Brew some Resilience.

We have curated this herbal infusion to help you get through the cold and dreary winter months.  It is a serious herbal infusion and is full of wonderful Nature.

Biodynamic yarrow, peppermint, blackberry leaves, hawthorn berries, calendula, rose hips and elderberries make this a must-have for those cold nights when we just need a boost to help us through. 

This tea has a long brew because the herbs and berries need time to infuse and release their benefit.  ​Use about one tablespoon, or a big pinch for 700ml of boiling water. We suggest steeping this tea for 15-30min.  Add honey as desired.

Tasting notes:  earthy, sweet, nutty, berries

Tea Liquor:  Amber




biodynamic yarrow*, blackberry leaf, peppermint*, hawthorn berry*, calendula*, rose hip*, elderberry*

(* Organic)

Heal & Restore Tea

110 Grams
sorry, busy making more!
  • Our tea is made at separate times to our other products, but...

    Our kitchen handles NUTS, CELERY, MUSTARD and SESAME.  We take care not to cross-contaminate and we isolate our production of allergens, but we cannot guarantee that there might not be any trace of these allergens.

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