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Every week we make our IMMUNITY BROTH, in small batches with limited supply.  Based on your order timing, either we will have some in stock, or will be making some shortly!


500ml each


Heat, season to taste and drink on its own in a mug with a squeeze of lemon and a crushed garlic clove to a super boost.   Use in your own sauces, soups and creations, or for your baby's first food.

Make a delicious and nutritious Ramen!



Immunity Broth

500 Milliliters
sorry, busy making more!
  • Products can only be returned if there is a manufacturer defect and the items are unopened.

    The item must be returned within 2 days of purchase.  Our soups are perishable and the the use by date is on the label.   Please freeze upon receipt if you are not going to consume them within the first 3 days.

    To request a refund, please email us and state your reason for requesting a refund.

    We will confirm the return address by email.

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