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Brew some bliss and settle in for some restoration with this organic curated herbal tea that will have you feeling nice and cosy in no time.


Our herbal infusion loose leaf tea has been curated to bring your mind feelings of tranquil peace and your offer your body restorative support. 

Organic herbs such as chamomile, lavender and lemon balm can help relax the body and nervous system allowing for that nice & cosy feeling to sweep over you.  Red raspberry leaves and calendula can sooth and support our immune systems, while the blackcurrant leaves create a blanket of health goodness and for a truely grounded experience.

​Use one tablespoon, or a big pinch - per 600ml of boiling water that has rested for a few minutes. This tea has a brew time of 8-10min.  Experiment and find your sweet spot.  You can also brew a pot, chill it overnight and drink as an iced tea or lemonade.


Tasting notes: herbal, floral, berries

Tea Liquor: Pale Yellow



Chamomile*, lavender*, lemon balm*, red raspberry leaves*, calendula*, black currant leaves

(* Organic)


60g net wt

Nice & Cosy Tea

60 Grams
sorry, busy making more!
  • Our tea is made at separate times to our other products, but...

    Our kitchen handles NUTS, CELERY, MUSTARD and SESAME.  We take care not to cross-contaminate and we isolate our production of allergens, but we cannot guarantee that there might not be any trace of these allergens.

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