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We can't wait for you to share Kensal Provisions with your friends and family

this holiday season, or just to let them know that you are thinking of them.

We have curated the following gift sets:

KP Tea Trio

Yuletime Tea, Winter Restorative Tea, Nice & Cosy Tea  (£39)

KP Holiday Cheer

Yuletime Tea and Brulé Brew  (£30)

KP Essentials

Silk Road Oil, ooo'Mami Salt, Abuela's Super Sauce  (£24)

KP Larder

Silk Road Oil, ooo'Mami Salt, Abuela's Super Sauce, Happy Gut Applesauce,

Nice & Cosy Tea, Winter Restorative Tea, Brulé Brew (£63)

Our gift boxes include recipe and info cards, samples, and dried herbs and flowers to bring a smile to whomever will be receiving this gift!

We are also working to get the best honey (in our opinion) included with our tea selections!  Stay tuned or email us if you would like to know more.

Please email us and we can help you with larger quanitites or specific needs.

Product availability and shipping costs depend on weight and shipping destination.