Brulé Brew

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Our Brulé Brew will spice up any bottle of wine, cocktail or sparkling drink this holiday season!


This artisanal syrup is slow- infused, in small batches using organic ingredients - cane sugar, spices, ginger, oranges and lemons - and a bit of citric acid. 


Heat a bottle of wine with 100ml of the Brulé Bruw for a mulled wine/vin Brulé evening.   Or add 10ml to a margarita or old-fashioned for that seasonal touch.  Or add to sparkling water for a non-alcoholic treat!   Finish your drink of choice with a slice of orange pierced with a few cloves, and enjoy!


We have made 100 bottles for the season. Perfect for you and all your friends and family!



raw cane sugar*, spices*, ginger*, oranges*, lemons*, citric acid